So I decided I was going to keep track of my working out progress…. Just to keep me motivated :)
First Workout of the SUMMMMER!
YEAAAHH! I did it >:) LOL it was only a ten minute workout video but I triied… I’m freakin tireed… Guess I now know I was WAAAY outa shape… :/ DAY ONEE! LET’S GET IT DOONNNE! I say today was PROGRESS!

Second Workout of the Summer! :) 
YAY for consistency! I was SO sore this morning… So since I was being a fatty all tired and lazy I was debating whether to do it today or not.. But I’m glad.. ish that I did do it :) I’m just telling myself that it’ll be worth it in the end :) 

Note To Self: Working out HURTS when you are sore and then you go and work out the EXACT same muscles .___. 


Day 3: Okay I had a break over the weekend and I feel a little bad…. BUT OH WELL it’s the summer gotta live a little… I started up again because I don’t want to get behind :) YAY! Worked out with the sister today and we both died together :) Getting healthierr!

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